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Thin Body To Smart Body

Three Weeks Course :

Some Peoples are very Thin and they want to be Healthy, So we’re giving you three weeks course when you complete it you’ll feel your weight is rising up, So you need to before sleep of every night
1- Eat one spoon of Sesame.

2- Eat 1 spoon of Poppy Seeds.

3- 7 Almonds in Milk (include sugar).

There will be a consideable weight change with the use of 3 weeks continuously and Health will be very nice too…


One Month Course :

(Thin) People’s need to take 1 Sweet Apple and cut it into Pieces with knife and keep them all Night where have the Moonlight and Dew. On the next Morning when you wake up then before eating something, eat that Pieces of Apple and you will see the changes in your weight ( Keep doing this continuously for 1 month )


Fourty Days Course :

Crush four bananas in a day 
In a Day and mix it with sweet syrup 
And Eat it slowly slowly in 15 minutes and after some time drink a glass of semi-hot milk
Keep doing it continuously 40 days you will feel and see your weight is rising up.

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