Teeth Whitening: Homemade Recipes

teeth whitening

Having a beautiful smile, white and bright, is the dream of many people. And yet, according to our diet and our genetic capital. Some will have teeth that turn yellow faster and more easily than others. Fortunately, there are many tips and recipes for home teeth whitening!

Home teeth whitening: our tips

Having white teeth is now a criterion of beauty. It is also a sign, which shows that you take care of yourself, and that you have good hygiene. Even so, we do not all have the same dental capital and some people have a naturally more yellow dentin than others, or a tendency to absorb tasks faster.

To keep a white dentition, some good practices can be adopted. First of all, limit your consumption of tea and coffee, which strongly yell teeth. When you consume, rinse your mouth with water, or better, wash your teeth. The nicotine contained in cigarettes is also to be avoided, it yellows teeth in record time, and in a lasting way.

Alongside these good habits, good dental hygiene is essential: brush your teeth three times a day, for three minutes. Remember to change your toothbrush regularly so that it does not lose efficiency. Mouthwash and dental floss can complete these brushing.

Of course, if your yellow teeth really bother you, a dental whitening can be done at a professional, thanks to laser, or professional products. Unfortunately, these treatments can not be performed on fragile dentures, and most importantly, they are very expensive.

Baking for a homemade teeth whitening

Baking soda is a natural product, used in household products, as in toothpastes, or in homemade shampoo recipes. It is a gentle and effective cleanser, which also has a powerful whitening action.

To use bicarbonate in home teeth whitening, it’s easy: you just sprinkle some bicarbonate on your toothpaste, before brushing your teeth normally. Do this brushing with bicarbonate once a week, so as not to damage the enamel of your teeth. Indeed, the bicarbonate is slightly abrasive, so it should be used sparingly, especially in people with sensitive gums.

Tea tree essential oil to whiten teeth

The essential oil of tea tree, also called tea tree, is full of health benefits. It is also very useful in our bathroom, to treat acne, cold sores, or to whiten teeth! The essential oil of tea tree is a very good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which makes it an ideal oral care. It protects the teeth, heals them and allows them to restore their original shine.

To benefit from its benefits, you can use it in mouthwash: pour 4 drops of tea tree essential oil in a glass of warm water, before rinsing your mouth. Keep the mixture at least 30 seconds in the mouth before spitting. Be careful not to swallow this mouthwash with tea tree.

The tea tree can also be used with your toothpaste: pour two drops on your toothpaste, directly on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth as usual. Be careful, this technique should not be used more than twice a week to avoid damaging tooth enamel.

To whiten your teeth with lemon

It is well known, lemon is a beauty ally of choice, and an excellent detox ingredient. It also has a whitening action on the teeth. Indeed, the acidity of lemon juice will attack the tartar and dental plaque, which prevents cavities, but also to prevent the teeth turn yellow. On the other hand, its acidity can have an abrasive effect, and be painful for people with sensitive gums. In any case, do not use it more than twice a week to avoid damaging the enamel of your teeth.

To use lemon for homemade tooth whitening, it’s easy: Squeeze half a lemon over a bowl. Dip your toothbrush into the juice, and brush your teeth with it as usual. Leave for a minute, then rinse your mouth with clear water. You will see a result after a few weeks.

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