How To Take Care Of Your Hair: The Best Advice

take care of hair

Want healthy shiny hair? Here are tips and “Dos and Don’ts” to take care of your hair.

Hair is sometimes your best friend, sometimes less … But anyway, the hair is both an accessory and a reflection of your health. Conclusion? We must take care of it! Your hair needs the right products and some tips to be on top. Follow the guide!

The 5 basic tips for taking care of your hair

How to take care of your hair ? Let’s start with the basics. There are some golden rules for keeping your hair healthy, and in full beauty.

  • Golden rule # 1 for hair in beauty:. Go to the hairdresser every 6 weeks at least, to lighten the hair of their ends dry and forked.
  • Golden Rule # 2 for beautiful hair:. Invest in the right products: the shampoo-care that matches the nature of your hair. A detangling hair treatment; a mask … Use little, but good!
  • Golden Rule # 3 for beautiful hair:. Eat well, with enough protein, and plenty of water. Yes, the beauty of our hair is related to the health of our body!
  • Golden Rule # 4 for beautiful hair:. Pay close attention to your hair when wet, that’s where they are most vulnerable. (You are told at the end of the article in The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Hair Care!)
  • Golden Rule # 5 for beautiful hair:. Choose the right accessories. You brush or comb your hair once or twice a day, no more, with a coarse tooth comb or a brush with a rubber base (for antistatic effect) and nylon and silk bristles. The finer the hair, the more important it is that the hair is natural. Try to leave your hair free every other day. Hairpins or tight elastics can break your hair.

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