Healthy Snacks: 6 Principles To Know

healthy snacks
Healthy snacks


(Healthy Snacks)
First, be aware that snacks are important to allow us to have enough energy to get through our day and avoid arriving just before the hungry supper (and nibble anything!)


2. This is even more important for toddlers who have a small stomach But a great need for energy to grow, or teens who are in full growth spurt.


3. Snacking is not the same thing as snacking. It is a food intake that is planned over time and is nutritious. It is therefore a complement to meals. Unlike nibbling which often stretches over time and consists of low nutritious foods (chips, cookies, chocolate, etc.).


4. Here is the formula for an ideal snack of 2 items.

  • A food that contains carbohydrates (in the food guide, you choose foods that are part of cereal products, vegetables and fruits or milk and alternatives).
  • A food that contains protein (in the food guide, we choose foods that are part of meat and alternatives or milk and substitutes).


5. In order not to interfere with meals, snacks should be taken about 2h (minimum 1h) before the next meal. So as not to cut off the appetite and about 3-4h after the previous meal. If the hunger is felt faster, it is probably that the meal was not big enough or incomplete. For a helping hand on the composition of complete meals, check out the video “Balanced Plate”.


6. Snacks, like meals, should be seated in pleasant surroundings. We do not eat snacks on the run, because it does not allow us to listen to our needs.


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