GM Diet Plan: Step-by-Step 7 Days GM Diet Plan To Weight Loss

GM diet plan

GM Diet Plan:

GM Diet Plan is one of the best diet plans. GM Diet Plan can lose your weight 4 kg to 8 kg in a single week; it’s my own experience.

GM Diet Plan was designed in 1985 and approved by US Foods & Health Drugs Authority. To follow and perform this plan honesty then you can lose your weight 4 kg to 8 kg in only one week, its some magic. I tried too many plans and exercise, but hardly they reduced the maximum of 2 kg to 3 kg weight. Let’s start the method.

GM diet plan

Day 1 (Food’s Day):

foods day

Following are the steps of the day first.

  1. Eat only foods on day first.
  2. (Without Banana) Eat foods but don’t eat the banana.
  3. It’s very better to use high fiber foods.
  4. You can eat foods to make them as a salad or eat directly as well.
  5. You can eat unlimited foods in a single day.
  6. Drink 8 to 12 Glass water (its must and necessary) which will flush out toxins from your body.
  7. If you’re bored to eat foods continuously, then you can take WONDER of SOUP. (What is WONDER, SOUP?). WONDER SOUP is the part of the GM Diet Plan. WONDER SOUP is vegetarian soup like carrot, onion, etc., but you can take WONDER SOUP as well.

Day 2 (Vegetable’s Day);


Day 2 will begin from 1 boil potato. In breakfast, you have to eat only one potato (which is boiled, or you can make a catlas of potato, depend on you).

After eating one potato in breakfast, you have to eat cooked or uncooked vegetables in a whole day.

If you want to eat cooked vegetables, then you have to cook it in 1 Spoon Olive Oil.

Or if you want to eat uncooked vegetables, make a salad or whatever you want. This is our Vegetables Day.

And you must have to drink 8 to 12 glass water.

Day 3 (Food’s & Vegetable’s Day);

vegetables and foods

Day 3 is your foods & vegetable day, which mean a mixed day. In day three you have to eat both things.

You have to eat foods and vegetables both in day three, but Note doesn’t eat Banana in Foods and doesn’t eat Potato in Vegetables.

Now it depends on you whether you eat foods in the morning, vegetables in lunch, foods at dinner.

My opinion is to mix foods & vegetables in large plat and eat it the whole day and enjoy.

And must drink 8 to 12 glass water.

Day 4 (Bananas + Milk);

banana with milk

Followings are the steps of Day 4:

  1. You have to eat eight bananas + 4 of milk (It’s not for one time you have to eat it on the whole day you have to divide it for the entire day). Two bananas + 1 glass milk in the morning, two bananas + 1 glass milk in lunch, two bananas + 1 glass milk in the evening, two bananas + 1 glass milk in dinner.
  2. Milk should be Skim without cream of milk.
  3. If someone did not like to drink milk, you could replace its coconut milk.
  4. Potassium in bananas and Calcium in milk is the point, which will full your body saline.
  5. And must drink 8 to 12 glass water.

Day 5 (Tomatoes + Beef or Chicken);


In the GM Diet Plan, the beef is most preferred because meat has high proteins.

Following are the steps of Day 5:

  1. You have to eat chicken breast or beef at breakfast.
  2. Eat tomatoes in a whole day or whether you want to make soup or salad of tomatoes.
  3. In this day you have to drink more water (12 to 15 glass of water).

Day 6 (Party Day);

Day 6 is a Highly Protein day. Which is our party day.

  1. You can get vegetarian soup.
  2. You can eat a hamburger. You can use chicken or beef in the burger.
  3. You can eat brown rice. 
  4. You can eat chicken/beef
  5. And must drink 8 to 12 glass water.

This day is our treat day.

Day 7 (Food’s/Vegetable Juice);

fruit juice

Day 7 is food’s/vegetable juice day.

You can also eat brown rice in this day.

Make the juice of food’s or make a salad of vegetables.

This is our last day of GM Diet Plan.

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Check your weight before day 1st after that strictly follow GM Diet Plan and recheck your weight on day 8th. You’ll see 4 kg to 8 kg of weight loss, and you’ll be pleased.

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