6 Beauty Kits L’Oreal At The Top To Pamper Her Skin

L'Oreal Pamper Skin

(L’Oreal) We have selected for you beauty kits full of soft care that are more, icing on the cake, -20% right now!

Nothing beats a well-honed beauty ritual to take care of your skin every day and have a luminous complexion while avoiding imperfections.

It is also an opportunity to take some time for yourself and to do good.

But for that, it is still necessary to have the appropriate care for its type of skin and that will sublimate it!

To help you find the best face care. We have just selected for you 6 L’Oreal beauty kits complete to pamper your skin according to your needs.

And good news: they are all -20%! You can discover a new beauty routine perfect for a luminous skin, without buttons, without blackheads and with a skin texture refined without guilt.

Trio of coffee scrubs, grape seed oil and kiwi (21,36 €)

The perfect trio to erase your skin gently: the purifying scrub for clarified skin, the radiance scrub for a luminous complexion and the anti-fatigue and energizing coffee scrub for dull skin and difficult mornings.

With this scrub kit, you will have everything at hand and you can adapt your routine to suit your needs!

Trio masks clay anti imperfections, soothing, detox (21,36 €)

After a good scrub to rid the skin of its dead skin. Apply your pure clay mask: soothing, detox or anti imperfections, again. You can opt for the mask that corresponds to your skin problem of the moment.

Energizing Duo for dull skin (17,12 €)

Do you have tired skin? Bet on this energizing duo anti fatigue scrub and revitalizing care Revitalift.

Purifying Duo for skin with imperfections (14,24 €)

Skin with imperfections can remove their pimples and reduce blackheads with this purifying duo.

Soothing ritual for dry and sensitive skin (21,36 €)

Dry and / or sensitive skin will regain more suppleness and softness with this nourishing scrub. Soothing Argile Pure mask and Hydra Genius day cream.

Ritual shine for dull skin (21,36 €)

The dull skins, they will find more radiance and a luminous complexion with this Radiance Ritual containing a shine scrub. A Pure Clay mask and a Hydra Genius day cream.

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